What is DaSeT/VoSeT?


DaSeT and VoSeT are the Orange robot solutions, recommended by the Group, and deployed in many affiliates. They are designed for supervision and monitoring of end to end quality of mobile and fixed services.

DaSeT robot is designed to be used for end to end testing of data services in 2G, 3G and 4G mobile networks, in fixed networks like ADSL, FTTH or any LAN but also for testing EVDO, WiMAX or WiFi networks. Except this we provide also a special version of the robot for monitoring of IPTV and SAT TV services.

VoSeT robot is developed for end to end testing of voice services in mobile (2G, 3G and 4G) and fixed networks (PSTN, ADSL, VoIP). Voice tests can be used with PESQ or POLQA licenses for measurement of voice quality.


Various measurement environment

Standard dedicated HW can be used for measurements in mobile and fixed networks designed for 24/7

Portable robot can be used for measurements in mobile or fixed network without a need to have VPN/GIN connection to the central database for adhoc measurement.

Smartphone Android app developed for data tests in mobile networks for temporary measurements where standard robot cannot be installed. VPN/GIN connection is not needed for connection to the central database.

Virtual DaSeT robot can be used for measurements in fixed networks


DaSeT/VoSeT Software


Daset/VoSeT Hardware

TSC Support

General information about architecture, services, KPIs, requests for new requirements and features are provided by TSC leader.

OSC Support

All other requests are managed by OSC team which is responsible for purchase, configuration, deployment, monitoring, support, troubleshooting and all other activities. For any request to OSC team please use our Ticketing system available at support.daset.sk.

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